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ITWP-1050 HomeWork #1:


Welcome to Joe's ITWP-1050 HTML-CSS - HomeWork #1. My goal will be to learn as much as I can from the course and from others, and I hope to help others along the Web Design Development path.

My goal is to develop Web Design skills that will enable me to put together Professional-Looking, Fast-Loading, Error-Free WebSites - for my own personal e-commerce use. I'd like to consider this the "Building Block" approach. I like to put together "Re-Usable Modules" or "Building Blocks" - so that I can re-use them multiple times - to build WebSites fast and trouble-free. I don't like the idea of working with a Content Management System (CMS), or some sort of "Web Site Builder" program to build a WebSite for me. I'd much rather understand it completely - and be able to repair anything that might go wrong, or make improvements the way I'd like to.

I started an E-commerce website in 2008. I was amazed at the power of the internet. I started with what I thought was my "worst" product, and was amazed that people were not only finding the website - but were purchasing the product. Then my product got reviewed by a magazine editor, who wrote a rave review - and sales skyrocketed! I couldn't believe how my PayPal balance was growing by the hour. If you've ever had a taste of entrepreneurism - it is addictive. I now want to continue to expand this business, and start others. I may even be able to quit my day job (one day....).

~Joe Comunale~
~ Macomb Community College ~
~Web Development Degree Program~

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