My Shop:

I enjoy making sings of all types and sizes. Indoor, Outdoor, knick-knack, special occasions, etc. I've built and developed specialized machinery that enables me to create multiple copies of anything that I build, with incredible speed and accuracy.

My CNC Router:

Computer Controlled Router at Joe's Sign Shoppe
  • This is my CNC Router that I built using Annie (See below), my cnc milling machine.
  • Even though it is made largely from hardware store items (eg Galvanized gas pipe, MDF, etc....) - it is capable of incredible precision and speed.
  • If you want 1 or 1,000 identical replica's - I can make this for you on my Computer Controlled Machinery.
  • Note: I am currently building an even larger computer controlled router - that will be capable of cutting 4' x 8' signs.

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Annie - My 2500# Milling Machine:

Large Computer Controlled Milling Machine at Joe's Sign Shoppe
  • This is Annie, my 2500# Milling Machine
  • I have completely re-wired and upgraded the controller on Annie, making her capable of cutting any job of any complexity.
  • Annie was designed to cut metal, but with some special modifications and tooling - I can cut wood and plastics with ease and increcible precision.

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