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CAM - Computer Aided Machining:

After the design work is done, the next step is to take this design - and develop a way of manufacturing this. This is called Computer Aided Machining - or the acronymn CAM. I have CNC controlled machines in my workshop that I use to precisely fabricate products for my customers. To create CNC programs (or "G-code", as it is known in the industry) I use either VCarve, DeskCNC, Cut3D, MeshCAM, or BobCAD. For complex designs - I use Cut3D, Mesh-CAM, or BobCAD-CAM.


Vectric Software's VCarve Product

VCarve is by far my most favorite and most frequently used CAM software product. It is very easy to use to design a tool cutting path for either a CNC Milling Machine or a CNC Router. I will almost always use this software - as it is the easiest and quickest machining software available.

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CarKen's DeskCNC

DeskCNC was the first CAM software that I have ever purchased. It is limited in some respects, but does have a few features that you don't find in other software packages. First -its very inexpensive and also very easy to learn how to use. It is limited to two-Dimensional machining. However, the software does have routine's built in that allow it to digitize an object - for reverse engineering projects.

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Vectric Software's - Cut3D

Cut3D is made by Vectric software, the same people that make Vcarve. Not surprisingly, it is very easy to use, and very inexpensive. I have used Cut3D to cut many complex 3-dimensional forms - with ease. I consider it my 3-D machining secret weapon.

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MeshCAM is a full-feautred 3-dimensional machining software package (CAM). MeshCAM can handle the complex three dimensional geometries that Cut3D and BobCAD can't do. However, it is more complicated and time-consuming to use.

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The CAM part of BobCAD-CAM is really where this software shines. BobCAD-CAM can do many jobs that other software packages can't do.

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In summary, I have a well-equipped CNC Machine Shop, capable of small or large jobs. Feel free to contact me, me if you have further questions.

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