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Joe's CNC WorkShop:

Welcome to my Computer Controlled Workshop. Here in my workshop you will find machinery that I have modified and retrofitted with computer controls. Computer Controlled machinery is known as "CNC" machinery. The acronymn "CNC" stands for Computer Numerical Control, a term given to the automation of equipment. In my workshop, I can go from "art" to "part". If you have a design that needs machined of metal, wood, or plastic - I can fabricate this for you. If you need 1 or 1,000 - I can make as many precisely identical parts that you may need.

Annie - My 2500# CNC Milling Machine:

Annie - Joe's 2500# Milling Machine

This is a picture of my 2500# CNC milling machine, which I lovingly refer to as "Annie". Annie is a 1985 SuperMax YCM-30 milling machine that I completely gutted electronically and upgraded her controllers to modern day RISC processors. Annie is capable of handling lage metal, plastic, and wood machining work.



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My CNC Router:

Joe's CNC Router

This is a picture of my Computer Controlled Router. Although I built it from scratch (with the help of Annie, of course), it is capable of highly precise work.




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In summary, if you have a design and manufacturing need - I may be able to help you put your idea into reality. Please have a look around the website, at the various software tools that I use, and my workshop, and Feel free to contact me, me if you have further questions.

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