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Resources Used in This Website:

I did this website all "Old School" - using NotePad++ as my text editor. I wanted to try to refresh my memory of html commands. I used a few tools from the internet as follows:

Alterior Motive #1: Vertical Navigation Bar:

I had several alterior motives in designing this website. I wanted to experiment with a vertical navigation bar. I googled this - and found many examples and settled in on a simple CSS approach.

Alterior Motive #2: Table-LESS Design! :

My next alterior motive - was to design a more complex website, without the use of Tables. It is a good idea to avoid tables wherever possible as the <table> element will be deleted from HTML in the future. More importantly by Not Using tables, you make a website more accessible by web crawling search engines - which can improve your website ranking.

Styling of Links:

Note: This homework assignment was to also build skills in styling links in various styles/colors (home and cad section). This website went from being "decent" to being a candidate for the "Worst Website" by the over-use of changing link properties.

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